Got Yak Beef?

Matheson Farms Grass Fed Beef introduces Grass Fed Yak Beef! We now have individually wrapped cuts of Yak Beef and ground Yak Beef for sale. The meat is from a hybrid animal – mating a Yak Bull to a beef cow. The resulting offspring are built more like a beef animal but with longer hair. The …

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Want Home Delivery?

Are you looking for home delivery? Matheson Farms is proud to be a new supplier for Sound Harvest Delivery. They have a wide variety of local foods that they deliver to your home. Check them out!         Phone (360) 354-0715 Email Website

Gift Certificates

Although the farm stand is closed for the winter, we have Matheson Farms Grass Fed Beef Gift Certificates available for purchase. You choose how much money to put on it. Are you looking for a practical gift idea for those hard to buy for people? What better gift than healthy grass fed beef?     …

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Farm Stand Not Standing

The Matheson Farms Grass Fed Beef farm stand became a victim of the high winds last night. All that was left was twisted metal, shreds of canopy, and ripped signs. Only the pumpkin and a couple of cheap balloons survived intact. It was a sad sight…  We hope to have it replaced by Saturday if all …

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Zeus is a Star

Our Bull is a Star! Our handsome herd sire Zeus starred in a commercial for Yes on 522 that aired recently. He not only breeds cows, but he can act, too! I guess it’s time for a commercial head shot and actor’s resume.  View the commercial:

Meet our Western Showcase Consignment

Matheson Farms announces its 2013 consignment to the Western Showcase Sale. This elite all breed sale will be held on November 2, 2013 in Moses Lake, WA.   Black Silk is a feminine, smooth shouldered, deep bodied 3/4 Simmental/Angus female. She is sired by RCR Stetson T17.  Her dam is perfectly uddered and has consistently produced …

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New Residents

Matheson Farms is proud to announce the recent addition of Yaks to the farm. The Yak, aka “the grunting ox”, is native to Tibet, Mongolia, and Russia. These unusual and versatile bovines are long haired, woolly, have a horse-like tail, and are very playful. Their long skirts reach almost to the ground. They are used …

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Allan Savory Visits Washington State

Come hear Allan Savory, a visionary in Holistic Management and sustainability Managing for the Future: How to be more sustainable Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management, will be in Washington State in November, 2012.  Savory, a Zimbabwe rancher, wildlife manager and biologist, developed a decision-making framework that results in ecologically regenerative, economically viable and socially …

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