Introducing: Matheson Farms’ Fine Flock of Feathered Friends

 A box without hinges, key, or lid

Yet golden treasure inside is hid

Back in April, we picked up 25 fluffy little Wyandotte laying chicks and brought them home to the farm.  We have cared for them meticulously and watched them grow into some of the finest young hens this side of the Cascades.  Now, 6 months later, our girls are beginning to show their appreciation in the form of little round golden treasures – eggses, precious!

And if we don’t start selling them, soon we will be up to our kneecaps in them.  So, I am happy to announce that, beginning tomorrow, October 20, we will be vending these delightful round packages of yumminess at our Farm Stand, 12pm – 3pm, at 228 E Smith Rd.

Our birds live on a wholesome diet of fresh green grass and Scratch and Peck organic grain mix, which we ferment to boost the nutrient availability.  These are supplemented by a wide array of human foods, including cooked beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, peanut butter macaroni, and even things like ground beef and cottage cheese, on occasion.

The flock lives in a custom-built mobile coop and run, a structure oftentimes referred to as a ‘chicken tractor’.  The tractor has perches, nesting boxes, and an open floor.  We move it twice daily, so the chickens are always getting a fresh carpet of green grass (approximately 8 square feet per bird per day).  This gives them the benefits of free-range pasture, while protecting them from predators.

The results of a nutritious diet and days spent on green pasture are happy hens and the highest-quality eggs available for purchase anywhere!  Seriously, they are the tastiest eggs this author has ever gobbled down.  They have all the hallmarks of prestige: thick brown shells, firm protein-rich whites and dark golden yolks.  And starting tomorrow, they can be yours, for a modest price of only $6 a dozen.  So stop by the farm stand, Saturdays 12pm – 3pm.  We have a limited supply, and expect them to sell quickly, so… you know the rest.


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