Matheson Farms is proud to offer the following cattle and products:

Natural Grass Fed and Finished Beef and Yak

We have wholesome natural grass-fed beef available for order and purchase. Lot size ranges from whole, half, and quarter to smaller shares. Our animals are grass-fed and finished to provide a healthier product that is better for the environment. We are located in Bellingham, WA.

Purebred and Commercial Breeding Stock

We raise quality, functional, and happy beef cattle and yak. We emphasize temperament, EPDs, soundness, and health.  Beef, bulls, heifers, and cow-calf pairs are available, both purebred Simmental and percentage cattle of Angus and Red Angus influence. The yaks come in three different color patterns.

Show Projects/Club Calves

Each fall we have beef club calves and open heifer show prospects for sale. Our calves are bred for carcass traits, eye appeal, soundness, and temperament. Come take a sneak peek in the summer to reserve your first choice!


We keep a few of the highest quality bulls for our clients to choose from. We offer only high indexing (for your profitability) and easy-calving polled beef bulls. We also have yak bulls available from time to time.