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New Rancher Camp Coming to Matheson Farms

The New Rancher Camp The New Rancher Camp is coming to Matheson Farms. The five day intensive, re-treat style school will be held July 9-13. It is open to anyone 18 or over who is new at farming or interested in becoming a farmer or rancher. You will learn new skills and discover a holistic …

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Some Words of Wisdom

HRH the Prince of Wales recently addressed the IUCN Congress. His advice was that conservation groups must be willing to work with agriculture if we are to save our planet and feed our people. [tube]IZhep_8aCNQ[/tube]

Resilience, Uncertainty, and Sustainable Agriculture

Resilience, Uncertainty, and Sustainable Agriculture By Ryan Grist In recent years, much focus in agriculture has shifted to sustainability. By definition, there are three main components to sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. Many farmers, ranchers, and consumers are interested in sustainable agriculture because of the emphasis on ecological and regenerative farm management practices, as well …

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Small Farmers Are Important for Future Food Security and Sustainable Food Production

It is generally assumed that “big is best” because of the financial savings that can be made from economies of scale, and this has been one of the drivers of the trend to large-scale farming. There is, however, a growing body of opinion that the reverse is true and that food security, diversity and sustainable …

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Holistic Management for the People

Paul Mobley Our film company Raincrow Film  is featuring nationally acclaimed photographer Paul Mobley in our recent educational video, “Holistic Management for the People“. We have had many exceptional interviews with dedicated folks trying to make a positive difference on their land and in the world. Last spring we interviewed Brian Marshall, a rancher and Holistic …

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Happy Holidays

Matheson Farms wishes you a very happy holiday season. We hope you will take time from your busy schedule to spend time with family and friends as well as to pause and enjoy those special moments in life and in nature around us. Sincerely, Sandra Matheson

Make a Difference in Your Community by Buying Local

By Martin Brossman You can’t help noticing the current buzz about buying local, re-inspired by deep concern for the environment and the necessities of the economic slowdown.   Restaurants are proudly announcing more locally-grown foods on their menu, and many of our friends announce their decision to shop smaller specialty retailers instead of chain discount stores. Aside …

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Haying – A Metaphor for Life

Haying is a metaphor for life. There are many life lessons to be learned from making hay.

Getting Closer

I’m getting the website closer to where I want it to be. I still need to get the comments box to show up and to make all of the widgets functional, so please be patient with my level of tech skill! (Cattle are more my thing.) I have a lot to learn about websites. Thanks, Sandy