About Us

Generations of Grass-Fed Beef

Matheson Farms is located in Whatcom County of northwest Washington State between the Cascade Mountains and the waters of Puget Sound.  We run a cow-calf operation of Simmental, Sim/Angus, and Yak.

The ranch in Bellingham has been in the family for over seventy years. Before that,  Lloyd Matheson raised beef cattle, dairy cows, and hogs on his parent’s farm just a half mile up the road. In 1945, he married, started a grocery business, and purchased the present-day farm in the 1950’s. Until he retired in 1975, the grass-fed beef raised on the farm was sold in the meat shop of Matheson’s Market.  Lloyd’s youngest daughter, Sandra Matheson, officially took over the farm and continues to manage the operation today. After the recent passing of our 100-year-old matriarch, we still have three generations living on the farm.

Dr. Sandra Matheson is a retired veterinarian, an Accredited Field Professional in Holistic Management, and a Consensus Facilitator. She is also a writer, photographer, and video/television producer. Sandra served as the President of Roots of Resilience and Washington Simmental Association. She is the past President and co-founder of the North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative. She co-authored a #1 Bestselling book “The Art and Science of Success”  along with Matt Morris and many other best-selling authors. Her forthcoming book Thrive After Forty is expected to be published later in 2024.

Matheson Farms sells breeding stock, market steer and heifer show prospects,  and grass-finished meats. We also offer consulting, facilitation, and land monitoring services through the Roots of Resilience organization.

At Matheson Farms, we manage in a way that takes into account the big picture. We do our best to work with nature and leave the land better than when we received it. Our philosophy is to make “holistic” decisions that are socially, ecologically, and economically sound and balanced—and to help others do the same!