Sustainable Living Education Center

Matheson Farms Sustainable Living Education CenterMatheson Farms is proud to announce the development of an education program to support eco-friendly agriculture practices and help people create a more sustainable future for themselves.

In Phase One, our Sustainable Living Education Center will focus on three areas: 1) Sustainable Agriculture 2) Sustainable Living (including personal development, group facilitation, and sustainable communities) and 3) a special program entitled “Ag, Arts, and the Environment” which will use film, art, and story-telling to explore the environment, educate the public, and document innovative and sustainable practices.

Phase One will be accomplished by seminars, events, classes – online and on site, and tours.

In Phase Two, physical infrastructure will be developed for events, internships, and more on the ground teaching (livestock and gardens). Additional information and event schedules will be coming soon!

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