Steak and Eggs

Featured Steak –Grass Fed Tri Tip

The tasty Grass Fed Tri Tip Steak is small in size, but big in tenderness and flavor!


It’s a triangular section of meat where the sirloin meets the round and flank.This cut has a reputation of being great for grilling. The excellent marbling adds to the flavor. It is very tender and best cooked to no more than medium.  Marinating is suggested it if you wish to cook it longer.


However, it’s not just for grilling anymore! Thanks to a serving suggestion from one of my favorite customers, John, the Tri Tip may find popularity at a different meal: breakfast!


John’s Recipe (slighly embellished):


Soak frozen steak (still in the vacuum sealed  package) in warm water for 5 min. Place a fry pan with a splash of olive oil on the burner and heat to medium or medium high.  Season steak and sear on both sides. Turn down the heat to medium low and cover.  After three or four minutes turn the steak over and add free range eggs.  Cover and cook until eggs are done.  Serve with fresh local fruit, hashbrowns, sourdough bread. Eat and enjoy!


Our Tri Tip steaks are 4-7 oz. in size and sell  for $10.99/lb.


Email us at with any questions or to arrange for purchase of our Tri Tip  or other grass fed beef steaks.


Be sure to “Tri” it for breakfast!