Meat CSA


Due to the overwhelming response, we have temporarily reached our limit of regular community shares. Please contact us so we can put you on the list.

Matheson Farms announces its Meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program

Matheson Farms LLC is pleased to announce its Meat CSA Program. The shares will include a mix of beef and yak cuts and ground (subject to availability) provided monthly. We sometimes include non-soy, non-GMO pastured poultry from Oak Meadows Farm. Kunekune pork and chicken finished on seasonal fruits are available from Spring Creek Heritage Farm.

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Why invest in a CSA?

The CSA share is not just about getting a selection of meat. When a person becomes a share member, she or he builds a relationship with the farm and farm family. It helps to keep a local farm business thriving. In turn, a thriving business fuels the local economy. Food produced on a farm using sustainable and regenerative practices is very good for the earth. Also, the member can rest assured that the food is grass-fed and finished, not fed antibiotics nor given growth hormones. The pastures are free of herbicides. Consumers can share in the responsibility and benefits of creating a sound local food system, viable farms, and a healthier planet.

Purchasing a six-month share allows the farmer to plan ahead for the season and also gives the consumer a chance to sample new cuts they haven’t tried. The bags which are provided once a month eliminate the need for a large freezer to hold a half, whole, or quarter beef.


All member shares run for 6 months. When you subscribe, it will be for the six-month term. The shares may be picked up on the first Saturday from noon to 3 PM. If Saturdays are impossible, you may make arrangements for pick up at another time.

At this time we cannot deliver to your home. In the future, we hope to have pick-up sites in a couple of areas of the county.

What’s in the box?

Each box will contain any combination of roast, steak, ground, stew meat, sausages, jerky, ribs, cross-cut shanks, soup and marrow bones, and more. The weight will vary but may average over 6 lbs. The value of each box will remain fairly constant. All meat will be frozen. Whole fryers will sometimes be included unless you tell us otherwise. You may add on any additional cuts by pre-order including extra fryers or fryer parts – backs, legs, breasts, wings, feet, and so on. If you have a large family, you may double a share. We also have the option of offering Kunekune pork from Spring Creek Heritage Farm.

What Does it Cost?

The investment in a member share depends upon whether it is a full share or half share.

If you wish to pay by cash or check, we offer a discount. There is a debit or credit card Buy Now button below. Contact Us if you wish to mail a check or pay in person with cash or check.

  • Full Share – One large bag once a month:
    Paid upfront at $663 or $639 with a cash/check discount.
  • Half Share – One bag a month:
    Paid upfront at $359 or $345 with a cash/check discount.

How do I start?

The number of regular community shares has reached the maximum until some current subscriptions expire. Please Contact Us to get on the waiting list. Please do not pay unless we specifically tell you that we have an opening.

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