New Residents

Matheson Farms is proud to announce the recent addition of Yaks to the farm. The Yak, aka “the grunting ox”, is native to Tibet, Mongolia, and Russia. These unusual and versatile bovines are long haired, woolly, have a horse-like tail, and are very playful. Their long skirts reach almost to the ground. They are used for milk, meat, riding, packing, and wool. They eat less than the standard bovine and are fun to look at. They grunt instead of moo.




Last week we acquired a bred cow and two youngsters – a bull and a heifer. Almost immediately they were eating out of our hands and the calves are learning to lead. Currently they are living with a beef calf in preparation to integrating with the herd this spring.

Nellie is a mature cow. She is solid black with a black nose. She is an “Imperial”.  We look forward to her baby in June.





 Ronan is future herd bull. He is a “Native Tibetan” – black with a grey nose. His color is called “Trim” meaning he has a white star, white on the end of his tail, and two white feet.



Tomoe (pronounced To-mo  eh) is a heifer calf. She is also a “Native Tibetan” of the “Trim” color pattern.



We are having fun working with the Yaks and welcome them to Matheson Farms.