Breeding Stock

Functional Genetics

In our breeding program, we focus not just on conformation, but soundness and functionality as well. The cattle must be able to produce, perform, and stay in the herd for many years.

Peach and Calf

At Matheson Farms we select our females for birth weight, calving ease, milking ability, temperament, mothering ability, structural soundness,  fleshing ability, marbling, and indexes.

Just because a cow looks good does not mean she will produce and perform well. We look at the beef cattle’s EPD’s (Expected Progeny Difference) and profitability indexes (API and TI) when making selection decisions and planning for breeding.

Simmental Angus heifer


Yak for Sale

We often have yaks for sale including weaned calves and sometimes adults. We sell pets (pasture harvesters) and breeding stock. We will not sell a yak as your only yak on the farm. They need at least one other yak in their herd.  They do much better if two or more can go to a new home together. They like having a friend with them during the move. Check with us for more details.  

It’s spring on the farm and we are just beginning to have new babies.