Holistic Management for the People

Paul Mobley

Our film company Raincrow Film  is featuring nationally acclaimed photographer Paul Mobley in our recent educational video, “Holistic Management for the People“.

We have had many exceptional interviews with dedicated folks trying to make a positive difference on their land and in the world. Last spring we interviewed Brian Marshall, a rancher and Holistic Management educator from Guyra, Australia. He gave such a wonderful interview (and we love his accent) that we’ve been working on short clips to help educate the public on what exactly Holistic Management is. In this segment, we wanted to focus on a primary facet of this system—people and community. Brian’s words reveal the both global and community oriented nature of Holistic Management perfectly. We needed images that could convey that same essence, and we found it in spades in Paul Mobley’s book, American Farmer.

Paul captures perfectly both the resolve and empathy we have come to appreciate in those farmers and neighbors that we have worked with so closely.  Please enjoy these stunning photographs and Brian’s comments on people, their land and Holistic Management.

[vimeo clip_id=”28115398″ height=”” width=”500″]