Here’s the Beef!

It’s getting to be that time of year when our natural, healthy, grass fed beef will soon be available. The animals have been grazing on lush pasture all spring and summer. They are fat, healthy, and happy!


Yearlings on Summer Pasture at Matheson Farms


When the farm began several decades ago, the yearlings and two year olds were finished on pasture. It was economical and healthy. Then around the 70’s the animals were grain finished for my parents’ meat market because that’s what was recommended and what the customers wanted. As a result, the animals were more confined, it was expensive, and we now know – not all that healthy. In the 90’s, I was enlightened to the holistic approach to grazing and the benefits of grass fed beef. As a result, the animals have been grassfed and finished ever since.

Matheson Farms grass fed/finished beef is expected to be ready in late September. Please call or email for details. We would love to talk “beef” with you!


Yearling Heifer on Pasture at Matheson Farms