Got Yak Beef?

Matheson Farms Grass Fed Beef introduces Grass Fed Yak Beef!

We now have individually wrapped cuts of Yak Beef and ground Yak Beef for sale. The meat is from a hybrid animal – mating a Yak Bull to a beef cow.

The resulting offspring are built more like a beef animal but with longer hair. The meat looks like beef but is slightly leaner and has a wonderful mild flavor. It is not gamey tasting at all. Yak meat is reported to be lower in fat, cholesterol and sodium, while higher in protein. The meat resembles yak meat more than beef.

We have the same type of cuts as in the beef: steaks, roasts, bones, short ribs, ground, bones, etc.  The steaks look great and they are tasty.

We will also have Yak Beef and pure Yak meat available by the half, whole and quarter this fall and winter.

One of our Yak Beef cross cows keeping the beef herd in line.
One of our Yak Beef cross cows keeping the beef herd in line.

Email us at today at to order your Yak Beef today! I can tell you from personal experience that the meat is excellent! They say, “Once you go Yak, you never go back!”

A Yak beef cross cow is shown above with part of the beef herd behind her. One of our current Yak herd sires is shown below.

Woolly Bully is our new Royal bull at Matheson Farms.
Woolly Bully, Mature Royal Bull